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O'Driscoll James - Britain. The Country and its People

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| knigoman3030 / | 11 сентября | 14:28
O'Driscoll James - Britain. The Country and its People

Автор: O'Driscoll James
Название: Britain. The Country and its People
Издательство:Oxford University Press
Год: 2003
Формат: PSDF
Размер: 103МВ
Страниц: 225
Язык: Английский

This book is for learners of English as a foreign language, n any level of proficiency from intermediate upwards, who need to know more about Britain. It will be invaluable to students on British Studies courses and to those who arc studying British culture as part of a general English course. It is for all people who recognize that a knowledge of British life is necessary to improve their understanding and use of the English language as it is spoken in Britain.
This book contains all the basic information you need about the structure of the British political system and other aspects of public life. But it has more than that. Throughout the book, particttlar atten tion is paid to the attitudes of British people. Knowledge of these is very important because they arc what 'colour' the language used by British people.
Chapter 1 Country and people.
Geographically speaking. Politically speaking. The four nations. The dominance of England. National loyalties.
Chapter 2 History.
Prehistory. The Roman period (43 -410). The Germanic invasions (410-1066). The medieval period (1066-1485). The sixteenth century. The seventeenth century. The eighteenth century. The nineteenth century. The twentieth century.
Chapter 3 Geography.
Climate. Land and settlement. The environment and pollution. London. Southern England. The Midlands. Northern England. Scotland. Wales. Northern Ireland.
Chapter 4 Identity.
Ethnic identity: the native British. Ethnic identity: the non-native British. The family. Geographical identity. Class. Men and women. Religious and political identity. Social and everyday contacts. Identity in Northern Ireland. Being British.
Chapter 5 Attitudes.
Stereotypes and change. English versus British. Multiculturalism. Conservatism. Being different. The love of nature. The love of animals. Formality and informality. Public spiritedness and amateurism. Privacy and sex.
Chapter 6 Political life.
The public attitude to politics. The style of democracy. The constitution. The style of polities. The party system. The modern situation.
Chapter 7 The monarchy.
The appearance: The reality. The role of the monarch. The value of the monarchy. The future of the monarchy.
Chapter 8 The government.
The cabinet. The Prime Minister. The civil service. Central and local government. Local government Services.
Chapter 9 Parliament.
The atmosphere of Parliament. An MP's life. Parliamentary business. The party system in Parliament. The House of Lords.
Chapter 10 Elections.
The system. Formal arrangements. The campaign. Polling day. Election night. Recent results and the Future.
Chapter 11 The law.
The police and the public. Crime and criminal procedure. The system of justice. The legal profession.
Chapter 12 International relations.
The end of empire. The armed forces. Transatlantic relations. The sovereignty of the union: Europe. The sovereignty of the union: Scotland and Wales. The sovereignty of the union: Northern Ireland.
Chapter 13 Religion.
Religion and politics. Anglicanism. Catholicism. Other conventional Christian churches. Other religions, churches and religious movements.
Chapter 14 Education.
Historical background. Organization. Style. Recent developments. School life. Public exams. Education beyond sixteen.
Chapter 15 The economy and everyday life.
Earning money. Work organizations. The structure of trade and industry. The distribution of wealth. Finance and investment. Spending money: shopping. Shop opening hours.
Chapter 16 The media.
The importance of the national press. The two types of national newspaper. The characteristics of the national press: politics. The characteristics of the national press: sex and scandal. The BBC. Television: organization. Television: style.
Chapter 17 Transport.
On the road. Public transport in towns and cities. Public transport between towns and cities. The story of the Chunnel. Air and water.
Chapter 18 Welfare.
The benefits system. Social services and charities. The national health service. The medical profession.
Chapter 19 Housing.
Houses, not flats. Private property and public property. The importance of ‘home’. Individuality and conformity. Interiors: the importance of coziness. Owning and renting. Homelessness.
Chapter 20 Food and drink.
Attitudes to food. Eating out. Alcohol. Pubs.
Chapter 21 Sport and competition.
A national passion. The social importance of sport. Cricket. Football. Rugby. Animals in sport. Other sports. Gambling.
Chapter 22 The arts.
The arts in society. The characteristics of British arts and letters. Theatre and cinema. Music. Literature. The fine arts.
Chapter 23 Holidays and special occasions.
Traditional seaside holidays. Modern holidays. Christmas and New Year. Other notable annual occasions.

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